Tips for Moving Fragile Objects Pieces in Burbank, Los Angeles!

Fragile items must be treated with special consideration and care because they have increased value, both monetary and sentimental. When moving fragile objects keep these in mind:

–  Gather all your fragile objects in a single place. It will be easier to count them and keep record of every single item. Also you can sort them by specific criteria like: material, value, sentimental value and so on.  Make a list of priorities and moving companydo the whole packing accordingly.

–  Use special boxes and containers. If an item is easy breakable, you cannot pack it in an ordinary box or without special means of protection.  Simple cardboard boxes are not designed to withstand major shocks caused by road bumps or mishandling.  Any impact that cannot be properly absorbed by the box, will surely damage what is inside.  To prevent that, use heavy duty boxes, furniture pads, multi-chamber boxes and other techniques, like double-boxing.  Also use bubble wrap, polyethylene or polystyrene to fill the gaps and make the item immobile within the box.

– Label items as fragile. After you have packed them, write on the box with a marker “Fragile”.  You can also use reminder stickers, what really matters is to know where they are and not to misplace them. Avoid collisions when packing or preparing to place them in the cargo hold.

–  Boxes containing fragile items must be placed on top of the boxes with heavier objects.

There are many other things to learn about working with delicate objects and only those working in relocation industry know them. If you decide to move here, movers in Burbank will gladly help you pack and transport your precious cargo.

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