Burbank is an important economic center of California, having numerous headquarters for companies involved in entertainment industry and motion picture. This justifies the title of “Media Capital of the world”. In each year we can observe many companies moving here and willing to have a business in Burbank. When moving to a new place, the hardest part for a company is to transport its equipment. This must be done with extreme care and very fast.Read more

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Fragile items must be treated with special consideration and care because they have increased value, both monetary and sentimental. When moving fragile objects keep these in mind: –  Gather all your fragile objects in a single place. It will be easier to count them and keep record of every single item. Also you can sort them by specific criteria like: material, value, sentimental value and so on.  Make a list of priorities and do theRead more

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Burbank is a beautiful city near LA,   located in San Fernando Valley and surrounded by the Verdugo Mountains. To see the sun rising over the mountains is very spectacular and unique. Also  Burbank is considered to be the “ Media Capital of The World”,  with many  media and entertainment companies  having their headquarters  and studios  located here.  The city is offering homes for most of employees in entertainment industry. Burbank is permanently expanding and thatRead more

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