Can Movers Transport Firearms Collections?

If you’re a hunter or firearm enthusiast, you value your guns, ammo, and other hunting equipment and certainly don’t want them harmed or lost in a move. Fortunately, moving these is no more challenging than moving other household items, as long as you know the rules and use some common sense.  Contact movers in Burbank when relocating firearms.

When moving your guns, keep these three main objectives in mind.

  1. Keep yourself and other people safe.
    2. Prevent the guns and ammo from getting lost or damaged.
    3. Comply with all local, state, and federal laws for transporting firearms and ammo.

This applies whether you are moving the guns yourself or hiring a moving company. By law, movers are allowed to transport firearms but not ammo in a moving truck. However, moving companies do have the right to set policies stating they won’t transport firearms. If you encounter this situation, you can either find another moving company or move the guns yourself.

Before packing guns, be sure to remove all ammunition and put the safety on. You can never be too careful in this regard. Even if you are sure a gun is not loaded, treat it as if it could be. Don’t point it at another person and keep the safety on.

Record the make, model, and serial number for each gun. If you’re hiring movers, you’ll need to provide this information to the moving company for the inventory. If you’re having movers transport the weapons, do not keep this information with the guns. Take the documentation with you, along with your other important paperwork, in your car. You’ll also need to transport ammunition in your own car, locked in your glove compartment or trunk. If you have a gun case, this is where you should pack your guns for transport. If not, wrap each gun in bubble wrap or soft foam packing materials.

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