How To Move Gym Equipment In Burbank

If you need to move your exercise equipment from one room to another or you are moving across town and need your equipment assembled in the new location, then you should hire Burbank movers to do the job for you. Moving gym equipment with you can prove to be quite the challenge. Often times it is because the equipment is heavy and cumbersome. Check our tips on how to move gym equipment in Burbank.

  1. gym equipmentPrepare a list with all gym equipment. Gym equipment has many parts, which can be misplaced and afterward become difficult to track down. By including all things that will need to be transported, you will make sure that nothing gets left behind. You should label them and this will help with assembly.
  2. Get all instruction manuals. Bigger equipment like rowing machines, benches, etc. are too big and odd-shaped to be transported in their entirety.  Hence, you will have to disassemble them in order to make the moving easier. However, since putting them back together is not as easy as taking them apart, you will need the assistance of a manual.
  3. Take pictures of the equipment. Even though you may be familiar with the structure of the gym, take several photos from different angles and get clear views of the gym cable routings.
  4. Remove the weights. This goes for barbells, dumbbells and machines. It might be a good idea to keep different weights in different crates or boxes and label them accordingly.
  5. Get relevant containers. Because gym equipment is heavy, it is simply impossible to put them all in cardboard boxes.  Therefore, consider other types of containers that are more sturdy. However, if an object is too heavy or too big for any container to hold, wrap them in blankets or other material to prevent scratching or denting the equipment.

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