Los Angeles Movers – 5 Tips for Packing Musical Instruments

piano-studio-cityMusical instruments are very fragile and very expensive. A simple mistake or mishandle can make them useless. Both mechanical and electronic musical instruments have an intricate internal structure and that makes them harder and very expensive to repair. If you have to transport them, you will need special materials and special techniques for that. Los Angeles movers offer 5 tips for packing musical instruments:

1)      If you want to hire a mover for relocating the instruments, search for a competent mover. There are not so many moving companies with the competence required for moving musical instruments. Most of the movers are used to moving common household items. If you are a musician, you should ask your friends musicians if they were helped by a company to move their instruments and if the services were satisfactory.

2)      Communicate exactly what you have to move. In order to perform efficiently and create a good moving strategy, the company will need to know what instruments you want to move. This will give them time to prepare all materials and containers needed for packing the instruments. Moving a piano or a keyboard is different from moving flutes or saxophones.

3)      Buy proper packing containers. You will need hard cases specially designed for instruments like violins, tubas, cellos, keyboards and many more.  Small instruments can be placed in soft cases, but wrap them properly. Make sure that all instruments are wrapped with sufficient materials and are in an enclosed environment during transport. Strings of many instruments are affected by humidity and temperature. Use bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

4)      Use appropriate lifting and moving gear.  Ask the mover to bring this type of equipment. You will need it when moving large and heavy musical instruments.

5)      Do not work alone.  You need a team of experienced movers if you want to get the job done faster.

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