Movers in Los Angeles – 5 Tips for Moving a Bathroom!

You should take a good look at your bathroom before packing it for a move. It may look like an easy task, but there are many things you must pay attention to. Bathroom is very complex and here we keep numerous products. Movers in Los Angeles suggest you to follow these 5 tips for moving a bathroom:

bathtub_green1)     Sort your items and get rid of unwanted ones. In most cases, people keep in bathroom bottles of medicine, cosmetic products, hairstyle products and lots and lots of tiny tubes and bottles. Check if some of them have passed expiration date or you do not use them anymore. Get rid of them.  Place them in a bag and bring them in a local household hazardous waste facility.

2)     Electronics must be packed separately. All families have various devices in bathroom: electric shavers, epilators, hairdryers and so on. Carefully pack them and pay attention not to tense too much the cords. Use the original boxes, if you still have them.  Otherwise, you will have to buy new ones. Buy boxes from local stores or order several sturdy ones online.

3)     Prepare an essential box. Here is where you must place all the items needed for the first days after the mover. You will need to pack shampoos, soaps, shower gels, toilet paper and towels.  Also, place the drugs that you must use daily.

4)     Use plastic sealing bags. Anything that can be spilled or leaked must be contained in plastic sealing bags.  Chemicals and cleaning detergents must also be placed in plastic bags.

5)     All items must be dry. Do not pack wet items in cardboard boxes. Cardboard is very susceptible to moisture and any wet item inside can make it break.

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