How to Pack and Move Plants in Safe Conditions

Decorum Plants_handelWe understand why so many people are attached to their houseplants. They make a house feel welcoming, warmer and look more alive.  So, parting is not that easy. But if you want to relocate your plants in safest conditions, there are certain things to be done prior to move. In this blog post we will explain you how to pack and move plants in safe conditions.

Unfortunately, do not expect all plants to survive, the most delicate one are not likely to survive any relocation. You should always call one of the many Los Angeles movers in order to obtain valuable advice.

Since it is predictable that some plants will die, most residential moving companies do not want to assume any liability for their safe delivery. They can just improve the conditions and try as best as they can to keep all parameters at optimal conditions. But this greatly depends on your relocation options.

It is more likely for a plant to survive if it is transported in a car (where you have control over temperature, light, ventilation and watering), not in the back of a truck, where it can be too hot or too cold. Before even planning to move your plants, make sure to read all state regulations regarding plants.  Check the Department of Agriculture for a full list with plant quarantines.  Regulations pertaining outdoor plants and shrubs are more rigorous.

Most plants just need to be potted and placed in boxes.  You should moist the plants before placing in boxes.  Waxed cartons keep moisture in.  Tall plants must be wrapped in plastic. Make sure to poke some holes in plastic, so that plant could easily breathe.  Sometime some cuttings are just what you need, for the plant to regenerate.  Buy floral tubes, fill them with water and cap them.  The cutting will be ready for planting in the new home/garden upon arrival.

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