Things You Should Do Before Hiring Burbank Movers

If you decide to move in or out of Burbank, you should not work alone and hire a mover. But first, read our list with things you should do before hiring Burbank movers:

  1. movers companyPreparations needed for moving. The first thing to do is to sketch a timetable for all operations and have a “to do” list. Start with the first logical operations. Buy packing supplies from local stores. You will need boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other similar materials.  Before the movers arrive, clean the rooms and let the floors dry. Furniture must also be clean before wrapping and packing it.  You should also measure the doorways, stairways and hallways, to make sure that the items will fit through them, otherwise you will have to disassemble those items.   You should keep the most valuable items with you, in a special place, during the move. Also, pack an essential box, with items you will need in the first days after the move: soaps, cleaners, dishes, towels, cutlery, pillows, blankets and anything essential.  Make sure to properly pack electronics and keep their user guide manuals close.  If you also hired the mover for packing services, things will be easier and he will professionally pack all belongings.
  2. Preparations for hiring a mover. Do not hire shady companies with even shadier businesses. You should check at least 10 moving companies. Read their reviews and customer experience and their background.  You should also check websites like and understand how to detect a rogue mover and what companies to avoid.  After your research was fruitful, contact the companies and ask more about pricing, labor hours, number of workers dispatched and the logistic support involved. If possible, call for an evaluator.  This person will inspect the belongings and will provide additional information.

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